Our consulting team leverages experiences from 100+ high impact projects with a team of experienced consultants. We support organisations as a trusted and skillful companion in their journey towards becoming an impact-driven organisation. On this journey it is paramount that organisations are enabled to measure, report and manage their impact. We advise organisations on their impact strategy with deep sector expertise and impact services.

We want to guide organisations towards the impact economy. Our consulting team has deep expertise on key societal transitions and enablers​. Our work is focused on 3 main areas: RESPONSIBLE VALUE CHAINSSUSTAINABLE FINANCEENERGY, WATER AND INFRASTRUCTURE.



We provide organisations with measurement and reporting services. We have methodologies, tools and data to assess the positive and negative impacts of organisations, where we make use of our in-house software, data and education solutions. We have applied our flagship Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) and true pricing methodologies for value chain assessment, strategic cases, integrated reporting and impact reporting, with deep expertise on reporting standards and regulation. Depending on the stage in an organisation’s impact journey, we deliver quick scans or robust quantitative analyses. Our work has been published in annual reports of public and private sector clients since 2013 with, in many cases, assurance. We further assist organisations with reporting those results to their stakeholders, as part of their annual reporting stream or a within a stand-alone report. For examples, have a look at our portfolio.


Increasing awareness around the impact of organisations is driving boards to reconsider their business model and corporate strategy. Impact is about an organisation’s purpose and requires extending traditional KPIs to impact performance indicators to enable impact-driven key decision-making. We provide impact strategy advice and frameworks, tools and thought leadership to manage and optimize impact. We are also working towards transforming sectors and value chains to become more resilient.​


To achieve the Impact Economy, the world needs responsible value chains: value chains in which human rights are protected and environmental impact is minimized.

Impact measurement and reporting

We support organisations with measuring their impact, develop Integrated Profit & Loss statements (IP&Ls) and impact reports.

Value chain impact assessment

We support organisations in assessing the impact of local and global value chains, including Tier 2+ suppliers.

solutions for sustainable finance


To achieve the Impact Economy, an economy in which work, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology engender inclusive welfare, the world needs sustainable finance. The financial sector is uniquely positioned to accelerate the transition to an Impact Economy, it can mobilise capital, direct funds into areas that benefit society, and appropriately price social and environmental risks.

Impact measurement and valuation

In order to effectively bring sustainable finance into practice, it is vital to measure impact and make it an integral part of decision-making. We provide the experience, knowledge and tools to successfully help organisations with this.

Banking for Impact partnership

As one of the co-founders of the Banking for Impact Initiative, we work to progress impact measurement across the financial sector.



Energy, water and infrastructure form the backbone of our economy. Beyond essential needs, they are the basis for the welfare we experience today. And pivotal to achieve the Impact Economy.

Impact measurement and management

We work with several of the largest energy utility and infrastructure companies of The Netherlands to measure and steer on impact.

Harmonized approach

Together with the sector, we are developing a harmonised impact measurement approach.



Together with our partners, we work on developing a unified language for measuring impact by use of open source standards, for impact measurement and valuation. These standards are developed in an inclusive and scientific manner. To ensure that these standards are used effectively, we offer trainings and courses based on these standards. ​​

If organizations see a need for the development of a standard on impact measurement on a specific domain, we happily work together on realizing this.


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