Partnerships & Coalitions

In a world where challenges are multifaceted, collaborative partnerships for impact can be a driving force behind positive change. The Impact Institute champions partnerships that go beyond traditional boundaries, fostering cross-sector alliances that tackle economic, social, and environmental issues head-on. Impact Institute also believes in the strength of partnerships for impact, aligning efforts with global goals and impact investing principles. Through strategic collaboration, we amplify our ability to create measurable and sustainable change in communities around the world.


Impact Economy Foundation (IEF) is a non-for-profit organisation and was founded to accelerate the transition to an impact economy. In order to achieve this IEF challenges conventional economic ideas, institutions and interests in order to shape an impact economy. The work of the IEF is based on prior open source work of Impact Institute and True Price.

True Price

Impact Institute is a social enterprise and a spin-off of True Price. True Price, founded in 2012, developed methods and tools to measure and monetize impact. In 2018, True Price decided to continue as a non-profit focused on maintaining a standard and community to realize true pricing, a system where consumers can see and voluntarily pay the true price of their products. All services, as well as the development of new methods and technologies, have been spun off to the Impact Institute. Impact institute provides consulting services in the field of true pricing through its close work with True Price.

True Price Foundation has the mission to accelerate the adoption of true pricing, by creating standards, generating transparency when it comes to true pricing and mobilizing a consumer movement. True Price Foundation collaborates with the social enterprise True Price to make True Prices a fact.

Impact Institute is an EI Alumni of the Circular Economy 100 Programme, which is run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Sector specific Coalitions

Impact institute collaborates within several sector specific coalitions. Please visit our Sustainable Finance Transition, Food System Transition, Energy Transition and Biodiversity pages to find out more about these coalitions.

Unlock the secrets of successful coalition building with Impact Institute. Our data-driven decision-making processes ensure that collaborations are not only impactful but also adaptive and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn about impact investing and risk management strategies that pave the way for successful cross-sector collaboration and economic, social, and environmental impact coalitions. Contact us for more information.

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