The Greens / EFA – Impact of cement, steel and chemical industry


The client was a governmental body interested in understanding the social and environmental impact of selected EU-based industries.

Project description

Impact Institute supported the client in understanding the social and environmental impact of the EU-based cement, steel and chemical industries. Multiple complementary studies were performed to achieve this. The first was a baseline study of selected energy-intensive industries. This baseline was performed using data from Impact Institute’s Global Impact Database (GID).* Then, complementary deep-dives were performed to assess the impact of air pollution and contribution to climate change (two of the most material impacts for the selected industries) of the conventional industry and a greener alternative.

Benefits to the client

The client learned about the total cost to society of producing EU-based cement, steel and chemicals and was able to contrast the industries’ financial (added) value to their non-financial costs. These insights may be used to inform debates, lobby on related topics and communicate the environmental and social implications of these energy-intensive industries (and the potential of green alternatives).

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