Impact Institute is a social enterprise.

Our mission at Impact Institute is to empower organisations and individuals to realise the Impact Economy. We do this by creating a common language for impact through the publication of open source standards and by providing the tools, training, and services to implement those standards. We believe in the necessity to create a growing movement and involve institutions, organisations, professionals and consumers in the transition from a financial economy to an impact economy.



Actionable insights for impact measurement of your organisation or industry.

Software Tools

Data sources, including multi-region input-output and monetization databases


Robust, consistent, and comparable estimates of impact for industries worldwide.

Training and Workshops

Education programmes and certification that help you integrate impact into your daily business.

Our work builds onto international conventions


Impact Institute builds on key international conventions that focus on social impact, human rights, living wages, integrated reporting, climate change, and science-based targets.  Examples of these conventions include: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Human Rights guidelines, Integrated Reporting and GRI reporting, and Paris Agreement under the UN Framework for Climate Change.