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How we help

Impact Institute empowers organisations to transform towards more sustainable and regenerative business models by creating a common language for impact. Through years of experience, research and development we have the expertise to quantify and monetise impact, making impacts across all capitals comparable and can help you with impact measurement, management and reporting. Our sustainability consulting servicessoftware and data products and CSRD Academy & CSRD Hub – form complete, tailor-made solutions to improve and manage your impact. 

Our multi-disciplinary areas of expertise

We have in-depth expertise in the field of impact and multi-disciplinary knowledge that helps you to improve and manage your impact. Our sustainability consulting teams have expertise in various focus areas such as the Sustainable Finance Transition, Energy Transition and Food Transition that form a robust basis for an impact driven economy. We focus on tackling major societal issues, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and underpayment in value chains – all based on a human rights approach. Our consulting teams, tools and education take into account all positive and negative impacts across all capitals, thereby accelerating societal transitions.

Data-driven products

What makes Impact Institute unique is our integrated offering of both consulting services and years of experience in building digital products impact solutions. Our teams combine deep understanding of impact, experience in implementation and technological capabilities, to make these digital products and solutions relevant and actionable, which will help you with data-driven impact information and decision-making.

Who we help

Impact Institute aims to help all organisations that want to make a positive impact in the world. Are you an impact investor (such as an impact fund) or a sustainable investor (any class asset manager, alternative investment fund or other), or a social enterprise (SME) focused on impact or sustainability (from banks, energy and infra companies, to food, retailer and other business)? Our products and services are specifically designed to suit your needs. Enterprises that have to comply with CSRD, please see our CSRD Hub and our Regulations Knowledge Base.

Want to build a business case for impact?

Our multi-disciplinary knowledge together with our data-driven tools provide unique, tailor-made solutions that will help you making a positive impact in the world.

Work with us to see how our products can help you manage and improve your impact. Become part of the global systems shift towards a more sustainable economy and join Impact Institute in transforming your organisation towards more sustainable and regenerative business models today.

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