DSM – Integrated profit & loss for centrient


Centrient Pharmaceuticals, formerly working under the name DSP, generates value in the areas of People, Planet and Profit. Centrient carries out pilot studies, assigning an economic value to the positive and negative, environmental and social impacts across the value chain for specific product and market applications.

Project description

True Price evaluated the impact of Centrient’s activities, in particular Centrient’s antibiotic production, and was able to report on a comparison between Centrient’s costs to society against a sector benchmark representing unsustainable practices. The full evaluation included an assessment across six capitals – human, natural, social, financial, manufactured and intellectual. 

Benefits to the client

Centrient used the results to inform and define their wider sustainability strategy across the three pillars of (1) reducing environmental impact, (2) improving human health and social impact, and (3) combating the further spread of anti-microbal resistence (AMR). Centrient is able to identify and see the impact they have on shareholders and society by exploring the cost and benefits it creates. This places Centrient as one of the first multinational pharmaceutical companies to extensively report on sustainability.

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