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At the core of sustainable finance lies a commitment to a fairer, inclusive, and environmentally conscious world. We empower financial institutions to actively participate in this movement.

Our Portfolio Impact Tool provides a tailored approach for financial institutions to gauge their social and environmental impacts. Through a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the biggest opportunities and risks along the value chain, we support investors in the identification of priority areas for their impact strategy, thus providing them with the forward-thinking insights needed to move towards long term value creation.

Diverse Impact Perspectives

Explore the reach of your investments with our specialized scans offering valuable metrics across societal and ecological domains:

Biodiversity monitoring

We enable corporations and global investors to accurately measure the biodiversity loss caused by their complex and diverse economic value chains. Our solution consolidates biodiversity information for 5 biodiversity loss drivers into a unified repository, catering to specific requirements from industry initiatives and regulators (e.g. TNFD, CSRD, SFDR). 

Human Rights Assessments

Understanding the intricacies of social issues within value chains is paramount for ethical and sustainable investment practices. The Portfolio Impact Scan helps understand the footprint of invested companies and their value chains for human rights violations and social injustices, such as the risk of forced labour, child labour, and underpayment. 

Full externality checker

Get a full report detailing the broader social and environmental externalities generated by your investments and their value chains. Use the information to align financial objectives with a broader vision of social equity and environmental stewardship.

We developed a pioneering tool to assist financial institutions in their journey towards measuring lending and investment activities and reporting on portfolio impact.

In-depth value chain exploration

The Portfolio Impact Tool serves as a robust mechanism for diving into the intricate layers of your investments’ impacts as well as the impact of their value chains. Using our flagship Global Impact Database, it provides a data-driven approach for aligning investments with both financial objectives and the pursuit of sustainable, socially responsible outcomes. 

Dashboards and Reports

Navigate a wealth of actionable insights through our intuitive dashboard, clarifying the complex layers of your portfolio entities and their supply chains. This guides you towards making informed and responsible investment choices.Capitalise on these insights to define strategic initiatives for risk mitigation and opportunity exploitation, all while progressing towards sustainable and strategic investment practices.

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