Jumbo – Social impact scan of mangos


Jumbo is a supermarket chain based in the Netherlands, holding a share just over 17% of the Dutch market. As a part of their Human Rights policy, Jumbo has defined a due diligence process, which, among other steps, includes researching high-risk commodities such as mangos sourced from Ivory Coast.

Project description

Although secondary sources and sector information help Jumbo prioritize and assess between origins and commodities, it does not yet show the current situation at the farms from which Jumbo sources or points of improvement to be focused on for these farms. To gain these specific insights into their value chain, Jumbo contracted EMC and Impact Institute to perform a Social Impact Scan with a quantitative social impact assessment of their sourcing farm(s).

Over the course of two years, Jumbo performed two Social Impact Scans (SIS) on two farms in the North of Ivory Coast to assess the social costs created through mango production in the country. Through the SIS we identified, measured and valued the social impacts created throughout the production process.

Benefits to the client

Thanks to this study, Jumbo first assessed negative effects on employee health and safety, lack of social security and underpayment in the value chain. The second scan also assessed underpayment in the value chain and additionally included gender discrimination and occurrence of harassment.

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