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Solidaridad is one of the largest sustainable supply chain NGO’s that focuses on producer support, supply chains, and market development. Working with partners in Latin America, Solidaridad is working on the implementation of climate resilient interventions (CSA) of coffee grown in Mexico. With Impact Institute*, Solidaridad wanted to quantify the impacts of implementing CSA, including an assessment of smallholder earnings, and an ROI analysis to scale up investments. 

Project description

The objective of Solidaridad was to quantify the impacts of implementing climate-smart agriculture (CSA), including an assessment of smallholder earnings, and an ROI analysis to scale up investments. We used our measurement framework of true pricing and true return on investment to quantify the impacts from a cost-benefit perspective.

Impact Institute study demonstrated that CSA is more sustainable and will contribute to a decent livelihood for farmers.

Benefits to the client

Solidaridad got a much better understanding of the differences between both production methods, particularly with regard to externalities. For both methods, drivers of externalities are presented in a detailed manner. It is also explained how changes in practices can affects the drivers and resulting externalities. The study demonstrated that the production of CSA coffee is more sustainable and contributes to a decent livelihood for farmers.

From a general perspective, the project results helps improve the effectiveness of activities by reducing costs and risks of investments. Our results also help to increase the client’s accountability to stakeholders and help attract financial funds for future investments in climate resilient programs.

* The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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