Itaú – Impact of microcredit


Itaú Unibanco is the largest bank of the southern hemisphere, headquartered in Brazil, and one of the global frontrunners in non-financial reporting and disclosure. It aims to make a positive impact to society by providing microcredit in Brazil: credit lines aimed at financing the production activities of micro entrepreneurs, whether formal or informal, with annual revenue of up to R$200,000).

Project description

Impact Institute analysed the most material impact of the Itaú Microcredit portfolio based on the Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) methodology. The analysis covered more than 20 impacts distributed across four stakeholder groups (clients, employees, society, and stockholders) and focused on financing granted directly to over 4800 microentrepreneurs in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2018. Key findings of the analysis were included in the 2019 Integrated Report of Itaú Unibanco

Benefits to the client

The project allowed Itaú Unibanco to take the next step in reporting on impact and further increasing transparency on its activities. The results also helped Itaú Unibanco to better understand the impact of providing microcredit, allowing for better-informed strategic decisions. Itaú Microcredit has, since the study was completed, significantly expanded its operations, aiming to serve 40,000 clients in 2020.

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