PreZero – Impact checker


PreZero is a waste management and recycling company that strives to preserve resources and reduce the amount of waste that cannot be recycled. They are a frontrunner in their sector that actively seeks to involve their clients in their mission to take care of the planet.

Project description

Impact Institute has developed the Impact Checker with PreZero with the goal to give PreZero’s client actionable insight in the environmental impact of their waste. With the tool, organisations can track the impact of their various waste streams. The platform also helps users to minimise environmental impact with practical suggestions, and by visualising impact from custom scenarios. Impact is made more tangible by expressing it in terms of common activities, for example, showing contribution to climate change in terms of flights from Amsterdam to London.

Benefits for PreZero

An interactive dashboard helps PreZero’s clients to identify the most effective measures to reduce their footprint. Waste managers can explore different interventions, such as reducing or recycling a specific waste stream, and compare the potential impact.​

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