Hago Next – Impact measurement on human and natural capital to drive change in facility services


Hago Next is part of Vebego Holding – a family-run facility services company founded in 1943 with over 42,000 employees. Vebego believes it can offer the most added value to its stakeholders (such as customers, employees and society as a whole) by providing meaningful work for its employees. Within the Vebego group, Hago Next focuses on all-round facility services for a range of sectors and clients.

Project description

Impact Institute measured Hago Next’s impact on its employees and the environment. Hago Next’s impact on its employees focuses on impacts which are relevant to long-term employability: reduced health incidents through implementation of tech aids, employee development through training and work experience and well-being effect of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The environmental impacts measured are contribution to climate change and water pollution (resulting from the production and use of cleaning products).

Benefits to the client

The client can use the project results to discuss potential levers for change to improve impact for its employees and to communicate about both its environmental and human capital impact to clients. Moreover, the assessment serves as a starting point for year-on-year impact monitoring and evaluation.

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