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Stedin Groep (‘Stedin’) is one of the largest grid managers in the Netherlands. Stedin plays a crucial role in society. In the energy transition, there are undiminished expectations of excellent service and sustainable and financially healthy operations. In cooperation with Impact Institute, Stedin started measuring and reporting impact in 2019, as a continuation of an initiated cooperation with network organisations.

Project description

As an extension of the Impact Journey1 completed in 2019, a quantitative impact model was developed in 2020 in cooperation with Stedin to report on impacts towards the annual report.

Why? Stedin is in the middle of the energy transition. With every investment, Stedin as an organisation has a broad impact on society. The organisation needs an integral framework for the various impacts on stakeholders and to report on them in a transparent manner.

After the implementation of this project, Stedin has, in addition to the financial figures, an extensive number of quantified social impacts. For instance, the ‘value of energy supply’ has been made transparent by measuring the welfare created for consumers by energy transport. The contribution to climate change was also measured by measuring Stedin’s role in the supply chain – from energy production to the construction of infrastructure and consumption. The project was carried out with a composite project team and the impact model was transferred to Stedin for independent integration in the annual report.

Benefits to the client

By reporting on measured impacts in the annual report, Stedin provides insight into the social value creation of its activities for various stakeholders.

The project offers Stedin the possibility to measure impacts independently and to build competences in order to manage them (in due course).

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