Global Impact Database (GID)

Your societal impact data solution

Our Global Impact Database provides verified and robust impact data, estimating impacts for organisations, countries and sectors worldwide. Impact data supports business and financial institutions towards understanding, reporting, and managing the societal impacts of their value chains, own operations, and investment portfolios, making it easy to identify risks and opportunities beyond financials and start your data-driven impact journey.


Value chain

Measure the impact of global value chains, including direct, upstream and downstream value chain impacts, without double counting.

Global universe

Measure the impact of global listed companies, countries, or sectors, as required for your needs.

High granularity

3500 companies, 140 countries, 65 sectors, 24 impact indicators.

Complete coverage

Our solution covers social, natural, and human capital impacts and can be aligned with many different frameworks (e.g., SDGs, IIRC).

Impact valuation

Directly compare impacts to financial metrics using quantitative data in monetary units.

Your data first

Integrate existing company data with our impact data.

For more technical information about the GID please see the GID technical overview or contact us here.

Enhancing impact data in private markets

Impact Institute x Preqin

Impact Institute has joined forces with Preqin, the global leader in alternative assets data, tools, and insights, to equip investment professionals with cutting-edge asset-level impact data to unlock insights into the impact of investment portfolios within private capital markets.

The alternative markets are historically opaque

The lack of transparency on ESG and impact data in the alternative markets has left investors in the dark, unable to fully grasp the impact implications of their decisions. Consequently, for any financial professional who invests in, allocates to or advises on alternatives, there is a scarcity of credible data with sustainability and impact considerations, making any financial risks and opportunities connected to impact factors remain invisible.

Our joint vision

The joint vision shared by Preqin and Impact Institute revolves around making sustainability data an integral part of the decision-making and investment workflows for alternative assets professionals, bridging the alternative markets information gap with industry-backed estimations and allowing better impact analysis through the lens of our Global Impact Database integrated within Preqin ESG Solutions.

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Biodiversity impact dashboard

Biodiversity impact data

EU flags

SFDR PAI proxy data

Impact Investor Tool


Portfolio Impact Scan

GID impact data meet the needs of your industry


Financial sector

  • Use the GID to measure, manage and report your portfolio impact
  • Quantitative estimates of environmental, social, and human impacts of investment portfolios, including value chains
  • GID data to proxy difficult to find Principal Adverse Indicators (PAIs), to comply with SFDR
  • Move towards more sustainable investing through a balanced and actionable approach
financial sector


  • Combine the GID with company level data to measure the full impact of your organisation
  • Assess impacts of corporate suppliers and their value chains
  • A quantitative basis for materiality and hotspot analyses
  • Data for non-financial impact assessments, such as human rights due diligence

Technology companies

  • Easily integrate data into technology platforms
  • Provide clients with impact insights for themes such as climate, biodiversity, living wages, human rights and more
  • Stand out as a leader in the field by being an impact data early adopter

Who we help

A selection of GID users

Giving you actionable impact insights


The Global Impact Database:

  • Provides quantitative and monetised estimates for sectors, countries, and organisations worldwide
  • Shows the most material impacts of your investment portfolio
  • Helps you understand non-financial impacts and risks, to improve reporting and decision-making

Impact Institute’s method collaborations



  • Palm oil industry

    Impact assessment of lending to the palm oil industry

  • Maatschappelijke toetsing van overnames is nodig

    Publication in Dutch Magazine ESB – Authors: Dr. Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Dr. Reinier de Adelhart Toorop and Dr. Prof….

  • Biodiversity impact of banks

    This paper sets out the position of the Banking for Impact (BFI) working group on measuring and valuing biodiversity.

  • A toolkit for transition

    This Report explores ways in which the Integrated Value Model enriches corporate decision-making and promotes sustainable business.


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