How we help

We provide guidance for organisations along all stages of their Impact Journey

  • Explore Impact: Understand the fundamental concepts and elements of impact and value creation to embark on your impact journey
  • Measure Impact: Determine, quantify and monetise material impacts into monetary values and attribute impacts to stakeholders that are co-responsible
  • Manage Impact: Identify the KPIs and value drivers to improve decision-making, optimise trade-offs, and integrate long-term value creation in governance processes
  • Market Impact: Embed impact in your marketing and sales strategy for effective and tangible communication to clients and consumers
  • Report Impact: Create transparency around impacts and insights into strengths, opportunities, and vulnerabilities of your organisation
Managing the Impact of business

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How we contribute

We help organisations transform towards more sustainable and regenerative business models, thereby accelerating societal transitions. We do so by supporting in the following way: 


As part of our consulting services, we provide impact measurement and reporting services. This is a systematic assessment of the societal effects. The scope can vary and will be set in close alignment with the client. This can include a product, organisation, project or investment; human, social and natural capital impacts are taken into consideration. We also look at dependency analyses and provide bespoke impact support and implementation services. This includes impact capacity development, workshops, strategy and business case analyses. For each analysis, all impacts are identified, placed in an impact framework, and expressed in value terms – if preferred also in financial value.

Technology (Data & Software)

Every business activity and decision has an impact. In a highly connected global economy, organisations need to understand the implications of business activities including complex value chains spanning the globe. Our in-house database, the Global Impact Database, provides robust, consistent, and comparable estimates of impact for industries worldwide. It can support organisations towards understanding, reporting and managing the societal impact of their supply chains, own operations, and investment portfolios.

Next to client data, our methods make extensive use of internally and externally developed data sources, including multi-region input-output and monetisation databases. Our bespoke tools are tailored to your organisation and play the role of an impact data portal. The dashboards we provide can be used for a variety of applications such as human rights due diligence in your value chain or a client dashboard that shows the impact of your products to your customers. Our Integrated Profit & Loss tool can be used as stand-alone software tool to measure your impact.

Academy (Impact Education)

For organisations and professionals who want to measure their impact, but do not have the tools and knowledge to, we offer training and certification products that help integrate impact into their business. Impact Institute offers training and certification programs tailored to the expertise and occupation of the professional. For organisations in the initial stages of their Impact Journey, Impact Institute offers exploration workshops to help you gain insights into the fundamentals concepts of impact measurement and value creation. During the workshops, you would be introduced to best practices , concepts and approaches in impact measurement. You will also be provided with guidance on the application of impact data in your communication, reporting and management activities.

Our areas of expertise

We guide organisations through societal transitions and help them navigate complex
sustainability-related topics.


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