Vebego Groen – Measuring well-being from employment to understand and increase positive impact to employees together with clients​


Vebego Groen is part of Vebego Holding – a family-run facility services company founded in 1943 with over 42,000 employees. Vebego believes it can offer the most added value to its stakeholders (such as customers, employees and society as a whole) by providing meaningful work for its employees. Within the Vebego group, Vebego Groen specializes in green maintenance and development.

Project description

Impact Institute supported Vebego Groen in making part of its mission statement (“iedereen doet mee”, or: everyone participates) measurable. We assessed the wellbeing effect employees (including those with a distance to the labour market) of Vebego Groen experience from having a job. We compared this to the effect created by an alternative company in green maintenance (based on average employee satisfaction and workforce). Moreover, we delivered an Excel-tool enabling Vebego Groen to replicate and perform the assessments in the future, and supported them in developing strategic targets and actions to manage the impact for employees.

Value for Vebego Groen

The client can use the results to engage with clients to strengthen its relations, collaborate with clients to increase wellbeing for its employees and monitor, evaluate and report on progress with the Excel-tool.​

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