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BOM is a development organisation that invests in a variety of ventures that contribute to the development of a future proof and sustainable economy in the Province of Brabant. It provides financial investment, facilitates knowledge sharing and provides these ventures with networks and an innovation ecosystem in which to thrive.

Project description

Impact Institute supported BOM with the development of an interactive Value Creation Model and two pilots to explore impact measurement.

The first pilot looked into the impact of Spinderwind, a citizen-owned wind energy project. The results demonstrate how community engagement can create a positive impact and support the energy transition to go from plan to practice.

The second pilot had the goal to help BOM understand the impact of partnerships with companies that contribute to the protein transition. This pilot broke down the protein transition into concrete impact dimensions to get a clear picture of how best to contribute to the challenge of unsustainable methods of protein sourcing. The results show that alternative protein sources that can credibly replace beef expect to have the largest marginal impact.

Benefits to the client

BOM has the ambition to become an impact-driven organization and these projects supported the first steps of the company’s impact journey. With an easily accessible and scalable to use method, BOM is measuring and managing its impact.

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