Suez environnement – Impact platform on the environmental impact of waste streams


SUEZ is a leading waste management company that supports customers in the transition towards a circular model by recycling and managing resources for future use. 

Project description

Impact Institute has built an Impact Platform that enables SUEZ and its clients  to accelerate the transition to circularity. The Impact Platform is an online platform that is based on minimal data input and which provides the user with insight on the environmental impact of different waste streams and the best way to manage it.  The Impact Platform helps SUEZ in translating and communicating complex waste management data to customers and business functions such as sales, marketing and account management.  

Benefits to the client

The Impact Platform also gives SUEZ the ability to incorporate impact information into data analytics. This information can be valuable for monitoring SUEZ’s contribution to the SDGs and its strategic objectives in the context of the raw materials revolution.

The publication is in Dutch

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