Nationale Nederlanden – Impact assessment of sustainable repair for insurance cases​


Nationale Nederlanden (NN) Group is a major insurance and asset management company with about 20 million customers from 11 countries including the Netherlands. NN Group receives thousands of insurance claims per year. In addition to the financial costs of the claim, there are also negative externalized costs to society: resolving these claims involves repairs which require materials, meaning negative environmental value chain impact. 

Project description

There are different choices that can be made to resolve claims with different associated financial costs and different impacts. In this pilot study, the impact is computed for two cases of reported damage: (1) repair vs replacement of a countertop and (2) repair of a single kitchen cabinet front vs replacement of all kitchen cabinet fronts. The results demonstrate that, besides an appealing financial case, there is also a strong reduction of impact on climate change and biodiversity loss from land use.

Benefits to the client

The results are shared with the employees to create awareness and understanding of impacts occurring in the value chain and the choices that can be made by NN Group to reduce it by providing concrete examples. Employees may use this in client communication to inform clients on the impact of their choices, stimulate the more sustainable option, promote the internal repair network and increase customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, these results can be used to provide insight in improvements to further reduce the impact, for instance by steering towards the use of more sustainable materials. 

This case serves as a proof of concept illustrating that negative impacts can be quantified and monetised for insurance claims. NN Group can use the result to make the more sustainable option a default one for clients.

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