Hivos – Social impact scan


CSR Africa, developed by Ufadhili Trust, Hivos and Impact Institute, is a portal aimed at companies in the horticulture who want to have a positive impact. The organization provides resources that help businesses to improve their social performance in terms of gender equality, health and safety, underpayment and water use. 

Project description

Impact Institute role in this initiative was to construct a user-friendly tool for farms to quickly measure a selection of social impacts. The tool monetises four impacts in total by means of a questionnaire with approximately 20 questions. The responses are automatically combined with secondary information and our approved monetisation factors.

Benefits to the client

The major benefit of this developed tool is that African horticulture businesses can easily obtain first insights into their own social performance. Results of a social impact quick scan can be compared to a sector benchmark analysis so that farms can see how they compare. If desired, the quick scan can also be extended and turned into a more in-depth tool for a rigorous analysis with more detailed input. 

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