About us

Impact Institute is a social enterprise and recognised global leader in impact measurement and valuation, through
quantifying and monetising impact. Impact Institute helps organisations transform towards more sustainable and regenerative business models, by providing them with the tools, technology, advice and training they need to make better-informed and data-driven decisions.

By measuring and monetising social and environmental impact, organisations can report on impact-weighted accounts alongside financial accounts, using this for more sustainable decision-making. Impact Institute
has contributed to international frameworks, and developed the first methods worldwide for True Pricing, the Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L), and Impact Statement. Get in touch to find out more

Our mission

Our mission at Impact Institute is to empower organisations and individuals to realise the impact economy by providing them with the mindset, capabilities, and technology they need to succeed in creating a positive impact on the world with their organisations. We develop open-source standards for impact measurement and valuation and provide organisations with the tools, training, and services to implement them. To get there, societal transitions are needed. We focus on accelerating the Energy Transition, the Food Transition and the Sustainable Finance Transition – our main sectors of expertise, alongside regulations and biodiversity.

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Our vision

One of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century is the realisation of the impact economy: an economy where everyday work, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology lead to a better world. In an impact economy businesses are impact corporations, that measure their impact, report impact-weighted accounts alongside financial accounts and manage their impact to optimise their value creation to its stakeholders and stay within planetary and social boundaries. To achieve this, a global system shift is needed in which we keep the valuable components of the old
market system while embracing new economic models.


Impact Institute is a social enterprise and a spin-off of True Price. True Price, founded in 2012, developed methods and tools to measure and monetize impact. In 2018, True Price decided to continue as a non-profit focused on maintaining a standard and community to realize true pricing, a system where consumers can see and voluntarily pay the true price of their products. All services, as well as the development of new methods and technologies, have been spun off to Impact Institute.

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We want to accelerate the Impact Economy by hiring the most passionate coworkers, working together as a team, maintain valuable partnerships and share our knowledge.