Impact Investor Tool (IIT)

Impact Investor Tool (IIT)

The Impact Investing Tool is advanced cloud-software for fund managers and impact investors to evaluate, compare and select investing opportunities, monitor and measure performance of portfolio companies and aggregate the impacts of investees to your impact at portfolio level.

The calculation core is based on the state-of-the-art impact-weighted accounts framework, developed by the Impact Economy Foundation, the Harvard Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, Singapore Management University and Impact Institute. As such, the IIT enables the measurement and aggregation of very different types of social, environmental and economic impacts. This enables investors to make decisions based on aggregated impact metrics -such as impact returns- in a similar way as they are used to make impact based on financial metrics such as ROI.

Other unique features of the tool are the ability to tailor impact models to specific investments, provide data entry portals to investment analysts and investees, and features to provide complete transparency and traceability about calculations and input data.

Impact Institute also offers expert advise to implement the tool and develop calculation models as well as (digital) education to enable you to use the tool yourselves. Our main goal is to make it as simple and enjoyable for you to invest your funds where they have the best positive impact in the world in addition to the financial return you seek.

Our Impact technology

Empowering you to make evidence-based investment decisions to maximize the impact of your portfolio.

  • Comprehensive impact assessment: Measure social, environmental and economic impact-based on our comprehensive Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework.
  • Data-driven insights: Collect, analyse and visualize data in a structured manner. Gain a deeper understanding of the impact generated by your portfolio. Uncover areas for improvement or reallocation of resources.
  • Scalability and efficiency: Save time and resources by using our streamlined impact measurement and management process.
  • Compliance with reporting standards: Get on your way to meet the increasing expectations for transparency and disclosure in the impact investing landscape.

How it works

Manage your portfolio

Add your fund’s portfolio in order to understand how we need to aggregate all impact. Manage all the changes to your portfolio in an ever-changing investment landscape. Edit your share in the portfolio company so that IIT knows how much impact to attribute to you as an investor.

Automate calculations

Acquire bottom-up data in a concise way, use our proprietary frameworks to calculate impact. Easily repeat this periodically to measure progress.

Aggregate and report

Combine all your portfolio’s impact into one aggregated impact report for your fund. Cross-cut through many layers of data to really understand what is happening, quarter-over-quarter. Use your favourite BI tool and take the impact data even further into your day-to-day decision making.

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