Alliander – Emergency power


Alliander is one of the biggest regional grid operators of the Netherlands and has been measuring, reporting and managing an increasing share of the social impact of its activities since 2015.

Project description

In cooperation with Alliander, an exploratory impact analysis was conducted in 2022 on the social value of various facilities for delivering power when the grid is temporarily unavailable. Traditionally, the emergency power generators are diesel powered. These diesel generators have multiple negative social and environmental effect. The analysis calculated the impact of a real, representative case based on data from the suppliers. The results showed that switching to a more sustainable fuel or hybrid generators is a relatively small investment in relation to the lower contribution to climate change and nuisance in the environment.

Benefits to the client

Alliander intends to use the impact analysis to integrate the perspective of broad value in the considerations made for emergency power. Following this analysis, Alliander started a process to anchor this choice in policy and plans have been made to finetune the model (internally) with new cases.‚Äč

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