Energy Transition

Our current energy system creates tremendous value – but at a cost of climate change, biodiversity and amplification of social inequalities. A clean and just transition requires steering on more than economics: it requires steering on impact.

Impact measurement and

Impact measurement and reporting can create a better understanding of the value created for all stakeholders involved. We have a longstanding track record of setting up impact journeys and impact measurement with organisations within the energy sector or in energy-intensive sectors.

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Impact management and

Navigating clean and just transitions is about setting goals and making trade-offs. By guiding organisations with impact management and strategy we help them to steer on impact. In this way impact can be incorporated into the decision-making.

Priority areas

Energy Systems

Environmental and social impact assessments, true price of energy, clean and affordable energy, just transition


Sector transitions, impact assessments, wellbeing economy, value cases

Energy-Intensive Sectors

Mobility and transportation, built environment, waste to resources


We believe that making impact in an interconnected world entails collaboration, co-creation and building ecosystems for impact. Energy, water and infra organisations face similar challenges that benefit from collaboration. That is why, together with the sector, we develop a harmonized impact measurement approach, see handboek impactmeten infrabedrijven (Dutch).

News and Publications

  • Handbook on impact measurement infra companies (Dutch)

    This allows companies to drive the value they create per stakeholder, capital and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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