Energy Transition

Our energy system creates tremendous economic and societal value – from helping businesses thrive with reliable and affordable energy to comfortable housing. At the same time, our current energy solutions come at a cost, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and social costs. The energy transition is happening as we speak. Moving towards a resilient and responsible energy system within planetary boundaries is one of the biggest opportunities for the 21st century.

We help you make the right impact decisions

Investment budgets are rapidly increasing while setting out strategies has never been more complex. What is the role of green hydrogen? How do we ensure a just transition? The challenge is to make the right impact decisions – it requires impact assessments and strategies to support decision makers. We can help you do that.

Impact management and

We have a longstanding track record in supporting organisations in the energy sector, energy-intensive sectors, and financial sector. We help decision-makers to include impact in their solutions and strategies:

  • Develop impact kpi’s, strategies, transition plans and value creation models
  • Evaluate environmental and social return on investments at project-, portfolio- and company level, and linking it to regulations
  • Advice on strategic directions from an impact perspective, such as integrating non-financial value into business cases and strategic steering models
  • Value cases for new products and services
  • We developed software and data tools that automate, support and maximize insights

Impact measurement

Measure what matters. We help organisations to measure and report on their impact. What is the impact of imported green hydrogen? What is the social impact in the value chains of solar panels? What is the environmental and social impact of onshore wind turbines? We have developed and tested a database to assess all the major energy technologies, sources and countries on their environmental and social impacts, which can be used to monetise (absolute and marginal) impacts of these technologies.


Our structured approach includes standardised solutions for regulatory requirements under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), such as value chain assessments on biodiversity (ESRS E4), social impacts (ESRS S1-S4) and (double) materiality assessments. Our databases provide data-driven approaches for materiality analyses. We go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure not just transparency, but transformation. See our Regulations Knowledge Base to learn more about CSRD.

Priority areas

We believe we can transition towards a resilient energy system within the planetary boundaries in which renewable energy is sourced, produced, transported, and divided responsibly. We focus on pain points in the energy transition where strategic decisions need to be made: (i) energy infrastructure, (ii) financing the energy transition, (iii) built environment.

Energy transition finance

Measure and manage impact returns like financial returns – from financial value to integrated value. We provide integrated value data, models and strategies. See our landmark report ABN AMRO SIF to learn more.

Energy infrastructure

We have 10+ years of experience as a trusted advisor for the biggest energy infrastructure companies in The Netherlands. We provide solutions for impact reporting, decision-making and impact strategy. We have key note speakers on wellbeing economies, impact strategy and energy transition themes.

Built environment

Some of the biggest decisions in the coming years of the energy transition are in the built environment. The heat transition affects a multitude of stakeholders. We support a.o. developers and financiers in making impact decisions around themes such as energy efficiency, access to housing and circularity.

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