Every day we work to empower organisations and professionals to realize the impact economy. We are creating a common language for impact and we provide the tools to use it. Here you’ll find our latest publications.

Zeeman CSR Report

Zeeman 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility (MVO) Report

The Report demonstrates Zeemans’ transition to making their assortment and organisation more sustainable.

A Guide for Funders to Assess and Value Impact

A guide for impact investors and philanthropists to assess and value the expected impact of organisations and/or projects. Version 1.0

Triodos Bank Annual Impact Report

Triodos Bank Annual Report 2023

Triodos Bank Annual Report 2023 helped the bank to understand and manage their impact for a fairer and more sustainable...

ABN AMRO Impact Report 2023

ABN AMRO Impact Report 2023 helped ABN Amro understand Impact Materiality and mitigate risks in their value chain.

The True Price of Kenyan Coffee

This report presents the results of the true price assessment of Kenyan coffee performed by the Impact Institute, being one...

Impact of Circular Craft

This report, commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat delves into the impact of Circular Craft exemplified by two initiatives – La Poubelle and...

Scaling up the Beyond Chocolate initiative

This paper reports the scalability and long-term risks and benefits of the Beyond Chocolate initiative, a programme seven members of...

Impact of the living income for cocoa farmers picture

Impact of the living income for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire

This report, commissioned by seven companies in the cocoa value chain, outlines the calculations and difference between living income and...

External costs of animal sourced food in the EU

Commissioned by Eurogroup for Animals, this study is on the externalities attributed to current value chains of EU production and...

Handbook on impact measurement infra companies (Dutch)

This allows companies to drive the value they create per stakeholder, capital and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Biodiversity impact of banks

This paper sets out the position of the Banking for Impact (BFI) working group on measuring and valuing biodiversity.

A toolkit for transition

This Report explores ways in which the Integrated Value Model enriches corporate decision-making and promotes sustainable business.


ABN AMRO Impact Report 2021

Calculate the impact

Impact assessment protocol to calculate the impact multiple of money

Living income assessment of ivorian cocoa farmers

Fairtrade International wanted to measure farmer household income and living income of Fairtrade certified cocoa farmers. 

True cost of cotton t-shirts

This study, commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, was conducted to get better insight into the social...

True cost of the cement, steel and chemical industries.

In this report Commissioned by the Greens/EFA group, True Price performs a true cost assessment of the EU27’s cement, steel...

Preliminary report on the value chains of mangos

A report assessing the value chain of mangos sold by the Dutch supermarket Jumbo

The true price of Dutch bread

In 2018, Bakkerij van Vessem wanted to have more insight into the true costs of their ‘Hollandsch Brood’.

Estimating farmer household income

To further their goals, LICoP asked Impact Institute to draft a methodology for calculating the actual income of farmers.

Integrated profit & loss assessment methodology

This framework offers guidance and practical advice on how to put the principles of FIS into practice and focusses on...

Automotive industry

Impact assessment of lending to the automotive industry

Palm oil industry

Impact assessment of lending to the palm oil industry

Towards the True Price, true value and true profit of food

Report by True Price, commissioned by Wageningen University & Research. A roadmap to drive the social impact of food.

External costs of banana production

Report by True Price and Trucost, reported by Fairtrade Max Havelaar. Measuring the True Price of Banana production to contribute...

Maatschappelijke toetsing van overnames is nodig

Publication in Dutch Magazine ESB – Authors: Dr. Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Dr. Reinier de Adelhart Toorop and Dr. Prof....

Valuing the hidden costs in palm oil production

Report by True Price, Trucost and RSPO, commissioned by UNEP Teeb Creating a methodology to improve strategy for a sustainable...

Integrated profit and loss

True Price publishes ‘Integrated Profit & Loss: Creating shared value with integrated thinking’

It pays to be transparent

Joint report by True Price, CSR Netherlands, IUCN Netherlands and Ministry of Economic Affairs. Report about the business case for...

Towards a protocol on fair compensation in cases of legitimate land tenure changes

Input document to a participatory process. A foundational report by True Price and the University of Groningen for developing guidelines...

Multidimensional P&L

Brief paper: True Price publishes ‘Multidimensional P&L in brief’

Creating shared value in the rose supply chain

Report by True Price, commissioned by Hivos. The business case for a Living Wage Rose in Kenya, closing the gap...

The business case for true pricing

Second edition: Why you will benefit from measuring, monetizing and improving your impact

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