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Managing Biodiversity: The Biodiversity Decision Model

Helping ABN Amro understand Impact Materiality and mitigate risks in their value chain

Farming in the forest – How much can agroforestry support the growth of biodiversity?

GID Biodiversity Impact Data included in the Finance for Biodiversity’s Guide for Biodiversity Measurement Approaches

3 Informative Insights from the Webinar on Biodiversity: From Risk to Impact

Webinar on biodiversity: from risk to impact

The CFO’s impact reporting – Climate change

The CFO’s impact reporting – Poverty

Public Consultation on the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF)

Watch The Impact Professional series

More than 90% of companies’ impact is indirect. Do you have a grip on your investments’ value chain?

Webinar: The IWAF in practice: How to apply impact measurement to create value for your organisation

Banking For Impact publishes guide on Impact measurement in the financial sector

Banking For Impact publishes Principles of Impact Reporting for Financial Institutions

GID Featured in the Environmental Finance ESG Data Guide 2022

Recent Projects Related to Key Societal Transitions

Biodiversity: Essential knowledge for professionals

Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) in SFDR regulation explained

Impact Institute joined the TNFD Forum and the nature-related data catalyst

Importance of biodiversity for financial institutions

Dutch society causes nearly 40 billion euros in damage to biodiversity

The Global Impact Database by Impact Institute wins Environmental Finance Impact Awards 2022

ABN AMRO Impact Report 2021

Alliander and Schiphol top Transparency Benchmark

Alliander’s Integrated Impact

The CFO’s impact reporting – Biodiversity

Chief Value Officer of the year Award

A common destination: On the road towards the true value of food to Faber (ISSB): ‘Without double materiality, corporate sustainability is a fable’

Impact Institute kicks off 2023 with the release of a new company level biodiversity dataset

Impact Institute and True Price are moving!

Webinar: IWAF Public Consultation

True Value of Food: An inspiring dinner at World Economic Forum

Impact Institute and Deloitte about Circular IT: for a Better World and Better Business

Our GID data used in FD sustainability retail series!

Read our latest publication in the prestigious journal Nature Food!

Towards an Impact Weighted Account Framework

Join our webinar: Impact investing beyond intention and emotion

Launch of Impact Professional Training & Education

Impact Institute publishes a report on how impact can reveal the hidden value of banks

The True Price of Dutch Apples

DBS takes first steps towards measuring their impact

Statement on COVID-19

ABN AMRO first bank to include Impact Statement in Integrated Report

Impact Institute receives prestigious UN Award

The True Price of Jeans

ABN AMRO publishes Impact Report

New guideline published to calculate Impact Statements

The True Cost of Cocoa – Tony’s Chocolonely Progress Report 2018

Impact Institute joins CE100 as Emerging Innovator

Integrated Profit and Loss of ABN AMRO

SDG Food Initiative

Valuing the hidden costs of production in the palm oil sector