De Meerlanden – Impact measurement of social participation


Meerlanden is an innovative waste collection and processing company that helps municipalities in the integrated management of public space. Since 2013, Meerlanden offert over one hundred jobs for people with a distance to the labour market. This would for instance include people who are receiving welfare benefits.

Project description

Together with Meerlanden we have finalised a project to make value creation explicit. The project constituted the measurement of financial, social and human capital for Meerlanden itself, as well as for participants, governments, the local community and employment agencies. The analysis shows that social participation represents a cost savings for the municipality, as well as an increase in well-being for participants.

Benefits to the client

The analysis helps Meerlanden gain insights into impact measurement, to transparently report on its goals, to steer on strategic decisions, and to clearly report on societal value creation.

The publication is in Dutch

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