Impact Screening Tool

Quickly evaluate your impact potential

Our Impact Screening Tool will ease the process of selecting high-potential impact investments. With our screening tool, you can:

  • Quickly evaluate impact of companies
  • Align selection of companies with your investment strategy
  • Set up baseline for impact management process

The tool provides simple and standardised results, that are comparable over time. It can identify critical areas to focus on during the investment process.

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Our unique approach

  • No requirement for users to be sustainability experts
  • Tailored to impact maturity and vision of the organisation
  • Standardised approach as a baseline for portfolio management


  • Delivered three tailored tools at various stages of impact maturity
  • Tools are being used to evaluate €10bn+ euros in investment
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Our solution for you

To set up the tool for your needs, we will go through the following steps:

1. Kick-off & determine scope
2. Link tool to investment strategy
3. Our team gets to work on the tool

4. User-testing of tool using examples
5. Final hand-over & implementation

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