Schiphol – Integrated Profit & Loss


Schiphol is a leading international Airport. In 2015, Schiphol ranked as Europe’s fifth and the world’s fourteenth busiest airport in total passenger traffic and created a revenue of €227 million. 

Project description

Schiphol asked Impact Institute* to provide insight into some of their non-financial positive and negative impacts on society. For this, Impact Institute conducted an Integrated Profit & Loss exploration estimating the positive and negative impacts on the six capitals identified by the IIRC. Additionally, in-depth analyses of two impacts were executed: the value creation of social value by enabling traveling as well as the extent the environmental costs of CO2 emissions caused by the traveling.

Benefits to the client

Schiphol has improved their understanding of the impact of their activities and indicated to further develop this understanding in 2016. In addition, Schiphol developed a method to examine whether monetisation of non-financial values could improve investment decisions.

The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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