CSRD Double Materiality Assessment

Complying with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), an European sustainability regulation, requires understanding your double materiality. Figuring out the steps of the European reporting frameworks such as CSRD and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) can be a hassle without understanding your double materiality. Our advanced tools and experts can help you in your journey.

Our Double Materiality Assessment meets all your needs from measuring and managing your impact to compliance. CSRD Double Materiality Assessment dives deep into your organisation’s societal and environmental impact, and more importantly, how to steer on that.

5 Steps To Your Double Materiality Assessment

Double Materiality

Step 1: Assess potential materialities

Our flagship product, the Global Impact Data-Base (GID), will give you first-hand information on topics that might be considered material in your assessment.

Step 2: Evaluate Thresholds

As part of your assessment it is important to know what themes and topics are, or might become, thresholds. Our global, overarching database can give you a good idea of this.

Engage Stakeholders

Step 3: Engage stakeholders

Collaborate and build on your double materiality assessment by involving your stakeholders in the assessment phase. With our tool you are able to use interviews, surveys and other tracking tools.

Step 4: Gather the right data

Let our tool, enhanced with online learning elements, guide you through your corporate sustainable reporting directive guidelines and successfully complete your assessment.

Double Materiality

Step 5: See results

Our scatterplot graphs illustrate the central materialities of your organisation in regards to the corporate sustainability reporting directive.

What is there to know about Double Materiality Assessment?

Our solution is central in understanding where your company’s largest corporate sustainability reporting directive requirements lie.

What does Double Materiality mean? We’ll explain.

The concept well-known in the fields of sustainability and finance is two-fold: it looks at the environmental and social  impact on an organisations financial performance, as well as at an organisations operational activities on the environment and society. The first one is also known as the financial materiality, while the second one is often recognised as environmental and social materiality. Together they are your double materiality.

Double materiality is at the heart of building an impact-driven business case while complying with reporting frameworks; it shows companies can thrive financially, while respecting the environment and society, and urges companies to evaluate and document both categories.

Why conduct your Double Materiality Assessment with us?

We understand the organisational impact

We measure how companies operations and other activities influence the environment and society, also known as environmental and social materiality.

We assess the financial materiality

Environmental and social issues can create risks for your organisations financial well-being. By assessing you double materiality, you will learn how to manage risks related to your financial materiality.

Involve your stakeholders

Our tool tailored for compliance with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) allows you to involve your stakeholders in the process by sending them surveys, conducting interviews or by using other assessment methods to understand your materialities. The tool also allows for updating your teammates on double materiality on a regular basis.

Online learning environment

We guide you on your sustainability reporting journey with e-learning from our team at the CSRD Academy. It allows you grasp a clear understanding of your double materiality. The training allows you to make a coherent plan and learn all about CSRD and its components along the way.

Collaborate with your team

Our platform allows you to divide work among your team members. It also allows for providing feedback, while teaching your colleagues to learn the steps in your double materiality journey.

Self-phased learning and support

Reporting on your double materiality can be hectic. We help you towards a smooth process with the right assistance, taking into account at what stage of your assessment you currently are.

Dashboard matrix for materiality

Visualising your organisational materialities in a dashboard matrix can help you understand and signal where your risks and opportunities might lie. In other words, environmental and social materialities become visible.

Our solution to becoming CSRD and SFDR compliant

We offer an impressive selection of carefully developed, comprehensive tools for navigating the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Learn more about these legal requirements on our Regulations Knowledge Base.

We provide cutting-edge, robust and auditable data, easy-to-use software, advisory on societal transitions, and educational solutions that smooth your sustainability reporting processes.

Double Materiality

The one-stop-shop for CSRD compliancy by the impact experts themselves

” We chose the CSRD Suite by Impact Institute as our tool of choice because this allows you not only to comply with CSRD but also knows how to turn those numbers that your report on for the ESRS into impact metrics that help our business to understand how they are better then the average food company and also to start steering on impact. ”

Volkert Engelsman
Chair Robin Food Coalition

 Our unique CSRD tools

Do it yourself

Our tool helps you to gain a clear understanding every step of the way. Sign up today and start using our solution right away.

Global Impact Database Materiality Scan

SASB integration for Financial Materiality

Expert advise for ESRS related questions

Manage and Survey your stakeholders

Visualise Materiality on a dedicated dashboard

Auditable & documented process description

We do it for you

Our impact experts have years of experience doing heatmap analyses and double materiality assessments. Let us do this assessment for you while you learn along the way.

Global Impact Database & IFRS Materiality Scan

Workshop to determine thresholds, stakeholders and methods

Questionnaire and interview preparations

We survey your stakeholders

Data Gathering and Results Analysis

Custom reporting and expert review

Full access to the CSRD suite for 4 months

Where to start with your Double Materiality?
We’ll help you get there.

A unique e-learning experience for professionals who want to acquire the necessary competencies, knowledge and skills to understand the fundamentals of CSRD.

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