Mondriaan fonds – Societal impacts of artists


Mondriaan Fonds is the largest public fund for art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. The Mondriaan Fonds is looking into new financing options for cultural enterprises. Therefore it is looking into the the possibilities of impact investment and the impact of art.

Project description

For this project, Impact Institute* calculated the societal impact of four artists or cultural enterprises. The impacts and enterprises that are part of the project are the following:​

  1. Instituto Buena Bista: ‘Wellbeing increase through the display of art in public space on Curacao’ & ‘Intellectual capital increase of students’ ​
  2. Renzo Martens: ‘Possible natural and social capital increase through regenerative program in Congo’​
  3. The Nest collective: ‘Financial impacts of production and screening ‘ &  ‘Awareness raising about society’​
  4. Charl Landvreugd: ‘Wellbeing increase through exposure to art for a new target audience’ & ‘Awareness of discrimination’​

Benefits to the client

Our expertise helped Mondriaan Fonds to show what concrete impact art works have on society. The quantification of societal impacts makes it easier for cultural enterprises to find new financing streams. 

*The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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