AkzoNobel – Integrated profit & loss account


As a global company active in numerous markets, AkzoNobel (with revenue  of €14,3 billion) is similar to many other large organizations. It generates revenue, incurs costs, and creates value for shareholders. 

Project description

To get a more detailed insight into how their profit and loss is generated, AkzoNobel wanted to develop a deeper understanding across the value chain of how its business impacts the environment, people, and society at large. ​

For that purpose, Impact Institute provided them with an IP&L and a tool to calculate returns on social, natural, and human capital.

Benefits to the client

This project allowed AkzoNobel to estimate the return on training investments and identify targeted interventions to address social risks. In addition, AkzoNobel learned that social capital can be improved by creating awareness and continuous improvement on issues around health and safety, rights at work and with local communities. Gaining a better understanding of these aspects – and attaching a monetary value to them – helped AkzoNobel to identify possible improvements and ultimately increase business value.

*The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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