Impact Due Diligence (IDD)

Impact investment decisions based on expert review and quantitative data.

Deeper impact understanding

An Impact Due Diligence (IDD) will deepen your
understanding of the business’ value creation model. It
can show how the company creates societal value,
beyond a legal and financial due diligence.

A non-financial due diligence can highlight:

  • Social and environmental impacts of the business
  • Impact risks and drivers of negative impact
  • Key value drivers and how to expand these
Impact Due Diligence

The Impact Due Diligence can provide a starting point for your impact measuring and management process, such as setting up KPI’s and targets.

An insightful overview will be provided based on how you can make the most impact even with limited capacity and resources

Our unique approach

  • Tried and tested approach for
    impact investors
  • Independent impact experts
    reviewing impact claims
  • Standardised approach as a base
    for portfolio management, aligned
    with industry best practices

Our solution for you

We analyse 6 aspects of the company:
1. Impact potential
2. Value proposition
3. Organisational capability
4. Impact risks
5. Sustainability standards
6. Strategic fit


  • Completed dozens of successful
    projects that led to an investment
    with better tracked impact.
  • Outcomes from the Impact Due
    Diligence have been used as a
    starting point for an impact report.


Valuable and useful outcomes of the Impact Due Diligence are recommendations on how the company can improve its impact, categorised and written out in a detailed action plan.

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