The role of business in an impact economy

We believe businesses have an important role to play in realising a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world respecting human rights and the planetary boundaries. Their ability to transform and become impact-driven will determine their long-term success – how they thrive and even survive in a world tested by environmental and social shifts. Impact-driven organisations use a fact-based approach for measuring the financial, environmental, and social impact of their activities – throughout their value chains – and integrate this into their purpose, strategy, decision-making, and reporting. They are better able to own their strategic narrative, uncover new value opportunities, drive long-term performance, and anticipate emerging risks, thereby accelerating societal transitions.

How we contribute

We help organisations transform towards more sustainable and regenerative business models, thereby accelerating societal transitions. We do so by focusing our work on the following three pillars:

Impact Measurement & Assessment

We have methodologies, tools, and data to assess the positive and negative impacts of organisations. We do so by using our in-house software, data, and education solutions.

Sustainability & Impact Reporting

We build transparent and comprehensive reports that are compliant with current regulations and requirements. We adapt to client needs and we deliver holistic and robust reports.

Impact Management & Strategy

We provide impact strategy advice, frameworks, tools, and thought leadership to manage and optimise impact. We help enrich decision making with broader value creation and impact performance indicators.

Our areas of expertise

We guide organisations through societal transitions and help them navigate complex
sustainability-related topics with our advisory services and products.


Let us help you understand and manage your impact