Human Rights

We believe businesses have an important role to play in realising a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. Explore the profound connection between our work, the True Price Method and human rights.

Human Rights as responsibility

We need businesses that respect human rights and the planetary boundaries. At the core of the Impact Institute’s mission lies a dedication to human rights. We recognize the intrinsic value of every individual, and our commitment to these principles is unwavering.

Impact Institute builds on the responsibility of economic actors to respect human rights, and applies the same logic to fundamental labour rights, environmental rights and other universal rights. This responsibility extends to situations in which there is no full or partial legal obligation to do so.

Human rights

Applying the True Price Method for Human Rights Impact

The Impact Institute measures and monetising impact and builds on the True Price method. The normative foundations of True Pricing are rights-based (for more information see ‘Principles of True Pricing’). Their starting point is the existence of universal rights of current and future generations and the corresponding responsibility of economic actors to respect these rights.

Our approach ensures that the true cost of products and services considers the impact on human rights. The true costs of products and services reflect the cost to restore or compensate the effects of violations of rights to the holders of those rights – aligning with the International Bill of Human Rights and other multilateral agreements. Applying our methodology therefore creates meaningful change.

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