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De Coöperatieve Betuwse Fruitmotor is a Batavian chain cooperative active in the local apple market. The cooperative buys leftover apples which farmers cannot sell to supermarkets and uses them to make cider and other products. By working together with the farmers and using the earnings from their sales, De Coöperatieve Betuwse Fruitmotor works to improve soil health, water quality, and biodiversity protection.  

Project description

In this study, the true price of De Fruitmotor apples was calculated and compared to an estimated true price of an average Dutch apple. The true price calculation for De Fruitmotor apples was calculated based on primary data from farmers and sellers with whom the cooperative collaborates, while the true price of an average Dutch apple was provided based on secondary data. The calculations accounted for both social and environmental impacts, and considered factors from across the entire value chain, from fertiliser use by farmers to cooling and storage before sale.  

Benefits to the client

The project outcome provided De Fruitmotor with a clear comparison of their apples’ impact compared to the impact of regular apples. The project helped De Fruitmotor understand the cause of their positive and negative impacts and how important they were at scale. The detailed breakdown allowed De Fruitmotor to identify activities with the most negative impact, and to develop specific strategies for future improvements.  

*The publication is in Dutch

*The customer was working with Impact Institute under its former name, True Price

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