ABN AMRO – Impact on biodiversity


ABN AMRO is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands and it is one of the frontrunners in the financial sector on reporting on its value creation to society. ABN AMRO published its Impact on Biodiversity report in line with its purpose and strategy and in anticipation of expected EU regulations that will require financial institutions to provide insight into their impact on biodiversity.

Project description

To assess the impact of its portfolio on biodiversity in a transparent and measurable way, ABN AMRO used Impact Institute’s Global Impact Database (GID). GID values biodiversity impact estimates in monetary units, this allowed ABN AMRO to compare different sustainability topics and position non-financial impact within a business context. Another key advantage of the GID is that it includes direct and indirect impact, this provided ABN AMRO with ready-to-use value chain data to enhance their understanding of the origin of biodiversity loss.

Value for ABN AMRO

It is important for ABN AMRO to understand their biodiversity impact. By measuring and valuating impact on biodiversity, ABN AMRO can better understand its negative impact on biodiversity as well as which of the sectors within its portfolio generate the largest impact. The report shows how impact mainly comes about indirectly, through ABN AMRO’s supply chain and through clients and their partners.​

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