To date, there is no measurable and actionable set of values that could realistically complement profit maximisation as a guiding objective. Organisations are still facing difficulties in measuring and managing their impact, despite all efforts, and consequently fail to maximise their value creation to society. Even when societal value is created, communicating this remains challenging.

To address these issues, Impact Institute has developed a set of development programmes. These programmes offer a range of practical tools, built on our proven methods, and learning experiences to equip professionals with the right knowledge and skills to measure impact, steer on impact, and develop future business strategies. Our trainings enable professionals to apply impact as a concept in their day-to-day lives and use it as a proposition differentiator in stakeholder engagements.



This programme is a 4-week course which introduces professional to impact measurement, valuation, reporting, and management. The course provides you the relevant knowledge and skills on the basic concepts and principles of impact measurement and management. The learning materials include our proven approach, decision-making models, tools and methods. In addition to the technical skills, you will also learn how to involve and build stronger relationships with the relevant stakeholders. You will gain insights into how impact measurement, reporting and management can contribute to your organization, its stakeholders and the society. By completing the course, participants will be able to understand the foundational impact language and the context of impact measurement, and to apply this within an Impact Strategy Framework and make a first step towards their own impact measurement project.


Everyone who wants to make a change in their organisations

 16 PE study points


Price: € 1095, pp (incl. all materials, excl. VAT) –

 Study hours

On average 4 hours / week for one month

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Today, biodiversity loss – the reduction or disappearance of biological diversity – is a global crisis and one of the most daunting challenges of our era. Many ecosystems are already undergoing irreparable degradation, undermining nature’s and humans’ capacity to prosper and be resilient. More than half of the world’s total GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services, and it is – therefore – exposed to nature loss” (WEF, 2020). This programme is a 4-week course that gives professionals a thorough understanding of measuring and managing biodiversity impact. By completing the course, you will be able understand how biodiversity loss affects your organization, measure a specific part of this and draft a strategy to create positive impact.


Professionals that want to apply impact measurement and integrated thinking in their work specifically aimed at a thorough understanding of the impact: biodiversity (loss)


  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Regulation on biodiversity impact
  • Biodiversity related to other impacts
  • Measuring and attributing biodiversity impact
  • Monetary valuation of biodiversity
  • Impact strategies for positive biodiversity impact
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Climate change is the topic on board agendas when it comes to sustainability. Organizations want to know more about their impact on the climate and regulatory institutions are increasing the requirements on what they should know and disclose. Yet organizations struggle when it comes to measuring and attributing (especially) scope 3 emissions and changing their decision-making process. This programme is a 4-week course that gives professionals a thorough understanding of measuring and managing climate impact. By completing the course, you will be able understand how climate change affects your organization, measure a specific part of this and draft a carbon neutral strategy.


Professionals that want to apply impact measurement and integrated thinking in their work specifically aimed at a thorough understanding of the impact: climate change


  • Climate change essentials
  • EU regulation on climate change
  • Measuring and attributing scope 1,2,3 emissions
  • Monetary valuation of climate change
  • Carbon neutral strategies
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This is an education programme spread over a year and it helps you to develop your impact measurement and valuation skills. The programme is designed to enable participants to measure, value, report, and manage impact by using a real-life case study, directly applicable to your organisation. We will provide you with hands-on experience of our proven approach, decision-making models, tools and methods, all designed to strengthen your performance in measuring, reporting and managing impacts of your organisation.


Everyone who wants to learn about impact, to develop as an impact professional and contribute to the Impact Economy

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“Impact Institute’s method and tool allow us to not only measure our impact, but also to manage the value creation for our stakeholders. So we can keep improving our services and have real impact on people.”

Annemiek Dresen

Founder & Director

“The course has taught me how an impact analysis is set up, step by step. This helps me to boost impact thinking within our organisation.”

Edith Groenewolt

Impact Officer

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  • Addressing stakeholders’ needs
  • Helping to develop long-term value creation strategy to increase reputation, credibility, and stakeholders’ confidence and trust
  • Reducing the investment for future training costs as knowledge can be transferred between peers
  • Joining the movement to contribute to the Impact Economy and create value for society through its activities.


  • Equipping you with hands-on experience in measuring, reporting, and steering impacts
  • Transforming your value, identity and position in the organisation which could advance your career
  • Transferring knowledge to peers
  • Joining the movement to contribute to the Impact Economy and create value for society through your activities.

Our trainings are also offered in partnership with the Association of Register Controllers (VRC)

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Our programmes can be followed at the Impact District, in-company, and via online participation. No matter which trajectory you are participating in, we will ensure the best knowledge transfer by providing the most conducive learning environment. After the completion of any of our programmes, your knowledge and skills can be directly applied to address your organisation’s challenges.

During the course, you will learn from our experts’ experience in Impact Measurement. You will also interact with other peers from different organisations and learn from each other. Most importantly, you will discuss in a safe environment which allows participants to share their experiences.

Experiential Action Learning: You learn by real life cases and relate the learnings to their own (part of) the organisation while learning from our experts and peers. You will be given assignments during each programme, and your knowledge will be challenged at the end of each programme, which will mark the successful completion.

Collaborative Learning: For those enrolled in our open enrollment program (at the Impact District and online), you can get in-class exposure to our renowned global experts, interact with peers from other companies who face similar challenges and expand your network with fellow aspiring impact professionals. For those following our in-company programme, you can spend time with colleagues from across business units, facilitating internal collaboration.

A Safe Environment: A safe, confidential environment is created for candid sharing and the experimentation with impact measurement and management.


Michel Scholte


Michel is Director and cofounder of True Price and Impact Institute and a radical impact entrepreneur. He is a seasoned key-note speaker and author on true pricing and impact measurement, and frequently publishes columns and articles on the daily news.

Reinier de Adelhart Toorop


Reinier is Head of Research, develops impact methodologies and frameworks and is a former Debating World Champion. He is also the lead-author of the Framework for Impact Statements.

Bart Van Veen


Bart is Senior Researcher and he’s passionate about developing robust methodologies for impact and true price assessments.

Antoniya Grozdanova

Student Success

Antoniya is Student Success factor #1 and the main point of contact for participants. She also works on course design and running a solid operation.



We are currently offering our programmes exclusively online. The programmes consist of pre-recorded classes and two online interactive sessions with our experts.

Impact District

The Impact District is situated at the heart of Amsterdam, on the edge of the Jordaan. Our facilities have 8 rooms for training sessions and two plenary rooms available. Inside the Impact District, there is also a True Price Store. The participants will be served a coffee and chocolates which remediate underearning and climate change impacts.
The location is easily accessible via public transport from Amsterdam Central Station and (paid) parking space is available.


Are there more people in your organization who want to follow our programme? We offer in-company programme for which we will send our experts directly to your organization, ready to transfer our knowledge to you.

Additional discount is applied to this programme.

Currently our training programmes are offered exclusively online. However, our facilities are prepared to welcome on-location participants when the RIVM rules allow for this. The rooms are set up following the RIVM guidelines on COVID-19.


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