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About this course

In this course, professionals are introduced to impact measurement, valuation, reporting, and management and how to build an impact-driven sustainability strategy. The learning materials include the Impact Institute’s proven approach of impact measurement, valuation and management. You will gain insights into how impact measurement, reporting and management can contribute to your organisation, its stakeholders and the society. As a result, professionals will be well-equipped to work on their sustainability projects and reports with impact in mind. The average time spent by users on this program is 10 hours. After completing the course, participants will receive a course completion digital certificate.

Content of the course

This course consists of the following four subjects:

  1. Mastering Impact Language I (i.e. essential concepts for impact strategy)
  2. Mastering Impact Language II (i.e. Putting concepts in practice)
  3. Impact strategy I (i.e. Impact Materiality and ii. Impact Measurement)
  4. Impact Strategy II (i.e. Managing Impact and ii. Developing Impact Strategy)


Join this program and

  • Learn to understand and use impact language
  • Work on the value chain of your organisation and identify the right Impact Pathway
  • Become aware of your organisational double materiality and how to conduct it
  • Get familiar with Value Creation Models and Impact Pathways​
  • Get familiar with Impact Calculation Models and how to apply them to your organisational setting
  • Make a personalised action plan for your organisation

Practical information

This is an e-learning program with pre-recorded content and interactive elements. Enrollment in this course is possible on a rolling basis.


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