Impact Strategy

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About this course

In this course, professionals are introduced to impact measurement, valuation, reporting, and management. The learning materials include our proven approach, decision-making models, tools and methods. You will gain insights into how impact measurement, reporting and management can contribute to your organisation, its stakeholders and the society. As a result, professionals will work towards their first impact project.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals who want to transition to a mindset beyond a one-dimensional view of financial capital.
  • Professionals who want to start using impact language, drive change, and have the data, tools and metrics to safeguard societal values.
  • Those who are willing to become a part of a unique impact community of like-minded professionals.

Course dates and location

This is a self-paced course, taking place in an online e-learning environment. Enrollment to this course is possible on a rolling basis. The programme recommended time is 5 weeks (20 hours).

Format and further information

This is an online based e-learning course with pre-recorded content and interactive elements.

Join this e-learning and learn how to

  • Acquire impact language.
  • Work on the value chain of the organisation and its impacts.
  • Become aware of double materiality and how to make it.
  • Get familiar with value creation models and impact pathways​.
  • Get familiar with impact calculation models and how to apply them.
  • Make a personalised action plan for the organisation.

Overview of modules

  • Impact language (i. why measure impact and ii. value creation model)
  • Impact pathways
  • Impact strategy part 1 (i. impact materiality and ii. impact measurement)
  • Impact strategy part 2 (i. managing impact and ii. developing impact strategy)


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