CSRD Materiality Assessment e-learning

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About this course

The CSRD Materiality Assessment e-learning is a self-paced CSRD course during which professionals get an in-depth understanding of the Double Materiality Assessment. This includes the principles, processes and their application in real life. The course includes interactive video sessions empowered with relevant case studies from different sectors, engaging assignments, e-books and other supporting materials. This e-learning course offers one-hour online workshop, where participants will be able to meet the course instructors and ask questions. After completing the course, participants will receive a course completion digital certificate.

Content of the course

  1. Materiality Assessment Fundamentals.
  2. Double Materiality Assessment Steps and Requirements under CSRD.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement.
  4. Assessing the Significance of Impacts.
  5. Action Steps upon completing Double Materiality Assessment.
  6. Leveraging Diverse Resources and Tools.

During CSRD Double Materiality Assessment e-learning program, you will receive additional useful materials that will guide you in your CSRD journey.

Join this program and

  • Learn how to prepare for your Double Materiality Assessment to get a positive outcome from the Auditor
  • Increase knowledge of the Double Materiality Assessment principles
  • Get familiar with the fundamentals of impact and financial assessment
  • Learn to determine your CSRD material topics
  • Get familiar with the best practices of stakeholder assessment
  • Learn different ways to engage your stakeholders
  • Learn how to analyse the outcomes of Double Materiality Assessment
  • Understand materiality thresholds and how to set them up
  • Map important material topics and prepare for the board approval
  • Learn how to apply materiality assessment outcomes to set policies, actions and resources, targets and metrics

Practical information

This is a self-paced course, taking place in an e-learning environment.


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