Following the successful launch of the IWAF Public Consultation in June, the Impact Economy Foundation is organising a follow-up webinar for practitioners on September 1st.

The IWAF in practice: How to apply impact measurement to create value for your organisation

Are you a sustainability or accounting professional? Then this webinar is a must attend. The IWAF helps organizations to measure, report and steer based on the impact of the organisation on society. Impact statements, such as an Integrated Profit and Loss statement, give organizations insight in how they create or destroy long-term value to all stakeholders, beyond the financial impact.

IWAF Follow-up webinar registration

About the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF)

The IWAF is a standard that provides guidelines and definitions to quantify non-financial impact of organisations. This allows organisations to include in their yearly reports not only the financial accounts report but also the value creation or reduction to all stakeholders of their organisation: employees, customers, the environment and the broader society. As a result, companies following IWAF-guidelines can steer on purposeful and intentional impact that benefit society, while ensuring their own license to operate.

This framework is the result of a partnership of IEF with Harvard Business School, Singapore Management University, the Rotterdam School of Management and Impact Institute.

The IWAF helps organizations work with Impact-Weighted Accounts (or IWAs), and thus quantitatively assess their impact. IWAs describe how organizations create or destroy long-term value to all stakeholders, beyond the financial impact.

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