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Statement on COVID-19

COVID-19 is damaging and destroying the health of millions of people worldwide. In particular fragile and deprived individuals and communities are hit: those with a weaker health, a lack of sanitation, no access to healthcare, protective gear, and shelter.
Our thoughts go out to all those who suffer, lost their lives, and those who have lost their loved ones. And we are grateful to those fulfilling vital roles in our society. To those providing the critical health care, products and services, food, transportation, security and equipment. And to those starting and joining initiatives to help each other.
We track and support our employees’ health. Our office, the True Price Store and our event spaces are temporarily closed until further notice. We work from our homes, and organize and participate in meetings and events online. And we try to be there for our clients, partners and society, as much as we can.
At the same time, we continue with our daily work and mission – helping businesses and institutions manage and steer on impact. We closely follow developments and recommendations of the Dutch Government, the WHO and the appropriate authorities in the countries in which we operate. We adjust our operations and policies accordingly.
In the longer run, we anticipate severe human, social and economic consequences for society. This puts pressure on society’s wellbeing, our work, and everything we stand for.
We are committed to rebuilding the society and prevent similar crises in the future, through improving the resilience of our economy and society at large.
To this end, we continue helping measure and steer impacts on – and dependencies of – all stakeholders, and all capitals. Beyond just financial capital for shareholders. This includes health, human, social and natural capital, including physical and mental health, and the prevention of zoonosis; natural capital, including biodiversity and animal wellbeing; and financial capital; including financial resilience.
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