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Jellie Banga to join the Executive Board of Invest-NL; Adrian de Groot Ruiz to succeed her as CEO of Impact Institute

Jellie Banga will leave Impact Institute on September 1st, 2023 to join the Executive Board of Invest-NL, with Adrian de Groot Ruiz succeeding her as CEO on July 1st. Additionally, Impact Institute will start the search for a non-executive Chair to succeed Jellie in that capacity on September 1st. In her new role at Invest-NL, Jellie will continue to contribute to realising a more sustainable economy that works for people and planet.

Adrian de Groot Ruiz and Michel Scholte: “We would like to thank Jellie for laying a strong foundation to further professionalise our organisation. In the coming months we will continue to work with her to build on this for the future and to accelerate our mission of helping businesses to play their part in an impact economy and put prosperity before profit. Of course, we look forward to seeing Jellie contributing to our joint mission to realise an impact economy in her new role.”

Jellie Banga: “I have greatly enjoyed being part of Impact Institute and working with all my colleagues  to strengthen and scale Impact Institute to support businesses in enhancing their positive impact. In the past year we have worked on our joint goal to set Impact Institute up for the future, and I am proud to see that we have made major steps. I am confident that under the leadership of Adrian, Michel, and the leadership team, Impact Institute will continue to fulfil its role as a frontrunner in the area of impact measurement, valuation, and management. I want to thank our co-workers, clients, investors, and other stakeholders for their continued support. By joining the executive board of Invest-NL, I will return to my passion of financing the urgently needed transitions to a just and sustainable society.”

About Impact Institute

Impact Institute was founded in 2018 and has since become a global leader in measuring and valuing social and environmental impact in monetary terms. Impact Institute wants to empower people and businesses to realise the impact economy. It offers software, data, training and advisory services to measure, value and improve impact.

By measuring and reporting impact via Impact-Weighted Accounting, companies can integrate impact into their business operations, so that they can be both sustainable and financially profitable at the same time. Impact Institute works in partnerships with Harvard Business School, Cornell University, RSM, and the Municipality of Amsterdam, among others. Business customers include Randstad, ABN AMRO, Alliander, UBS and Tony’s Chocolonely.

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