We create tools that can be tailored to your needs and to the impacts relevant to your organization. Our experience ranges from dashboards, data collection apps, to farm survey tools among others. The tools are designed using your input and feedback and can be hosted on our secure cloud servers. They can also become part of your broader application landscape by connecting your own apps using web services.




Dashboards are a useful tool which is created after we have established concrete impact goals for your organization. Dashboards are a value tool for your organisation once we have established concrete impact goals. After performing our assessment we can develop a dashboard to manage and keep track of your organisation’s impact in a easy to communicate way. Depending on your goals, the dashboard could also be shared with your own client or stakeholders.


By applying our experience in a broad range of sectors and regions, our Integrated Profit & Loss tool can be used by your organization to calculate and monitor impact. Impacts can be calculated either “bottom-up” by analysing a wide array of key impact indicators or “top-down” using sector averages by our multi-region input and output model. The output of the tool will offer you many reporting options to include into your impact statement, such as assessment per stakeholder group or capital.