​At Impact Institute we develop software for impact measurement and reporting on different levels and for different types of users. Our solutions build on our innovative open-source method and data such as the GID and monetization database. The software can be tailored to your needs and to the impacts relevant to your organization.

​Our experience ranges from a full Integrated Profit & Loss measurement tool suited for external reporting for a large bank, dashboards, data collection apps, to farm survey tools among others. The tools are designed using your input and feedback and can be hosted on our secure cloud servers.



Platform for environmental impact of waste streams

Client: Suez is a global waste disposal company and a frontrunner in sustainability.

Project: A platform that provides Suez’ clients with insight into the environmental impact of their waste disposal. Users can minimize their environmental impact with the help of practical suggestions and custom scenarios.

Benefits to client: This impact platform allows Suez and their clients to revolutionise waste disposal. The tool strengthens Suez’ value proposition for sustainable solutions.

Online portal for societal impact of roses

Client: Hivos is a Dutch NGO that aims to innovate for positive social change. They support and collaborate with local partners in Africa, South-America and Asia.

Project description: In collaboration with Hivos, Impact Institute has created an online portal  that helps growers, traders, and retailers from the Kenyan floriculture sector improve their societal impact. CSRArica offers up-to-date sector information, best practices, and a tool for impact measurement. Alongside the web portal, Impact Institute collaborates with local partners to carry out impact scans at Kenyan flower nurseries.

Benefits to client: Collaborating with Impact institue offers Hivos a method to quantitatively measure societal impact. Our online portal shows different players in the floriculture value chain what their biggest impacts are, and where the greatest opportunities for improvement lie. The online social impact quick-scan is an opportunity for Hivos and their partners to directly gain insight into societal impact.

Online societal impact measurement of working with newcomers

Client: NewBees helps newcomers to become part of Dutch society through guidance and active traineeship matching.

Project: Impact Institute has worked for several years with NewBees to measure their societal impact. We developed a web-based tool that automates this process, covering the impact created for their participants, the government, and various other stakeholders.

Benefits to client: Our tool enables NewBees to control their data input, measure their impact independently, and manage impact with an interactive dashboard.

Software for integrated annual accounts of ABN AMRO

Client: ABN AMRO is one of the largest Dutch banks, reporting on societal impact since 2018.

Project: A complete annual report on impact for ABN AMRO, covering all of the bank’s portfolios as well as their own operations. Our tool, powered by the IP&L Core impact engine, consists of bespoke software modules and a database.

Benefits to client: The annual report allows ABN AMRO to make decisions based on impact. It also offers a practical way to communicate this impact to the world.