As part of our advisory services, we provide organisations with measurement and reporting services. We assess the positive and negative impacts a company has on the six capitals and on its stakeholders. Both the impacts from the organisation’s and value chain operations are measured. Depending on the stage of the assessment, the evaluation can be qualitative or quantitative. We further assist organisations with reporting those results to their stakeholders, as part of their annual reporting stream or a within a stand-alone report.

Measuring the impact results in understanding the impact your organisation has on society. Our analysis is based on our flagship Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) method, which extends beyond the traditional Profit & Loss method. For each analysis, all impacts are identified, placed in an impact framework and expressed in financial value.


Once your organisation’s impact has been determined, we provide you with strategic impact advice on how this impact can be optimized. We are also working towards disrupting sectors and value chains to become more resilient.

We use a data-driven approach to develop with you a suitable strategy. Together with you, we develop a strategy based on your current impact, business performance, and external trends. This advice helps you take control over your impact and create value for shareholders and society.


We perform research on specific issues within your sector, organisation and market to uncover opportunities to realise the Impact Economy.

Transparency about issues that need improvement is a good starting point for creating informed policies and initiatives and for transforming the sector. We offer Sector and Market research that highlights relevant impacts within your field through a quantitative identification of the problem and opportunity.