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Tool & Dashboard

A dashboard is a useful visual tool which enables you to manage and keep track of your company’s impact.

Dashboards are useful once we help you establish concrete impact goals for your organization. After establishing impact goals, we can develop a tool or dashboard which is a visual tool that enables you to manage and keep track of your companies’ impact in a easy to communicate way.


Workshop & Training

We offer workshops and trainings for corporation, organizations and teams! Schedule an appointment to arrange for a tailor-made training that fits your needs.

We are a team of experts who have previous experience in conducting workshops and trainings for various audiences. Reach out to us for an introductory appointment where we will identify and evaluate a training or workshop that the Impact Institute can offer you.

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We can provide you with the right help to execute an impact strategy, which allows you to implement your impact strategy.

We help you build the required competence set, stay the course, find an authentic and persuasive message to bring your colleagues on board, and help identify options to overcome the inevitable challenges along the way.

Strategy & Insight

Once your company’s impact has been determined, the Impact Institute offers giving strategic advice on how this impact can be optimized.

We use a data-driven approach to develop with you a suitable strategy. Together with you, we develop a strategy based on your current impact, business performance, and external trends. This advice helps you get in control of your impact which will create value for shareholders and society.



Impact Institute offers workshops in which we help companies set up a concrete plan, with steps and goals to realize value creation.

Many companies struggle with incorporating impact into their strategic plans and operations. Our navigation workshops help to uncover your companies’ needs, challenges, and opportunities which enables you to set a concrete end goal, to map the pathway, and to take your next step in value creation.


Annual Reporting

Compile your Integrated Profit & Loss for your annual report in a fully transparent way based on the open source IP&L protocol.

We measure and value your companies’ impact in a standardized, robust, transparent, and traceable manner. This enables us to compile your Integrated P&L to show stakeholders how your organization transparently and rigorously reflects on their impact on society in your annual report.


Research & Reports

Create transparency about true pricing in a sector or market and uncover opportunities to realize more or even fully sustainable products.

Transparency about true pricing and opportunities to improve that can form the starting point of informed policies and initiatives to make a sector sustainable. We offer compiling Sector & Market reports that give an overview of the true price of products within your sector through a quantitative identification of the problem and opportunity.



Measure the impact of your product by conducting an all-round product analysis, that considers positive and negative impacts of its production.

Measuring the impact results in understanding the impact your product has on society. Our analysis is based on our flagship Integrated Profit & loss (IP&L) method, which extends beyond the traditional Profit & Loss method. For each analysis, all impacts are identified, placed in an impact framework and expressed in financial value.