Vitens – Impact Measurement to Operationalise Corporate Strategy of the Dutch Drinking Water Supplier


Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, plays a vital role in providing safe and reliable drinking water to the region. Facing challenges such as increasing demand and limited groundwater access, Vitens recognizes the urgency of transitioning towards sustainable practices in their operations. 

In response, Vitens launched a new annual strategy, ‘Elke Druppel Duurzaam in 2030’ (‘Every Drop Sustainable in 2030’), aiming to become a water company that positively impacts both people and nature. Measuring and understanding their impact is crucial for driving this change, and Vitens has initiated efforts to integrate impact assessment into its operations. 

Project description

In collaboration with Vitens, we developed a prototype impact dashboard and strategic plan to measure the company’s impact 

We focused on addressing the two following fundamental questions:  

(1) Where do we stand?  

To address this, we developed an integrated impact dashboard at the organisational level. 

(2) How do we adjust?  

For this we created an impact analysis tool at the project or investment level. 

Subsequently, we outlined follow-up steps and conditions for refining the prototype and seamlessly integrating impact measurement into Vitens’ operations in a strategic impact plan.  


Since 2020, Vitens and Impact Institute have collaborated closely on their impact journey. They have taken strides in measuring their impact and integrating data and insights into their external reporting, strategy, and activities. Working with Impact Institute, Vitens has developed a comprehensive impact model, forming the basis for its annual reporting. The collaboration involves continually refining calculation models and empowering Vitens to conduct more independent impact measurements. Impact Institute actively supports Vitens in steering towards a positive impact, notably, we set up a value case for lime pellets (“kalkkorrels”) in 2022/2023.  

For more information see Vitens Annual Report.

Benefits to the client

Our collaboration offered Vitens a clear pathway for implementing ‘Every Drop Sustainable,’ and has paved the way for numerous subsequent projects. With our assistance, Vitens is making significant strides towards transitioning into a sustainable drinking water company, committed to generating positive societal and environmental impacts.  

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