NewBees – Integrating impact information into annual reporting process and operations for impact management


NewBees is a non-profit organisation that aims to achieve an inclusive labour market. It supports newcomers in the Netherlands in integrating into the labour market. NewBees offers a flexible programme for newcomers through which people are guided towards employment through lessons about Dutch culture, by developing basic skills required to find employment and gaining work experience, and by exposure to former newcomers.

Project description

NewBees and Impact Institute started working together in 2018. Impact Institute supported NewBees in identifying its value creation model and independently measuring and visualising its impact in an online Impact tool. NewBees has reported on its annual and year-on-year impact since 2021. In 2022 – Impact Institute expanded the Impact tool to enable NewBees to measure the impact of its entire programme. Moreover, we advised NewBees on impact goals and actions to manage its impact.

Value for NewBees

NewBees uses its insights into impact and the Impact tool to communicate to stakeholders (such as subsidy providers and the general public). Moreover, NewBees can use its impact goals and short-term actions to adjust its offerings to create more positive impact for newcomers. It can also communicate lessons learnt to public institutions to promote impact-driven integration for newcomers.​

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