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NewBees is an organisation that believes in an inclusive society and aims to help newcomers become part of Dutch society. Through guidance and active matching to traineeships with a smart online platform, NewBees helps them on their way to integration and eventually employment. NewBees creates value for participants, their families, and other stakeholders like municipalities, companies, and society at large.

Project description

After years of close collaboration, NewBees published its first impact report in 2021. Impact Institute helped the organisation identify its value creation model, quantify and monetize NewBees’ impact, strengthen internal stakeholder engagement on impact assessment and steering on impact and –in collaboration with Impact Institute’s software team- visualize the impact of NewBees in an online Impact tool. 

Benefits to the client

NewBees uses its insights into impact and the Impact tool to communicate to internal and external stakeholders (such as subsidy providers and the general public). To illustrate, NewBees can communicate to the municipality of Zandstad that the sum of the positive impacts it creates is larger than the negative impact of the subsidy that the Zandstad Municipality grants to the organisation. 

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