Jumbo – Social impact scan of roses


Jumbo is a supermarket chain based in the Netherlands, holding a share of just over 17% of the Dutch market. As a part of their Human Rights policy, Jumbo has defined a due diligence process.

Project description

As part of its Human Rights policy, Jumbo has defined a due diligence process, which, among other steps, includes researching the social impact of its suppliers. This includes select farms in Kenya. These farms supply directly to Jumbo. 

As part of the CSR Africa initiative, Impact Institute has developed a Social Impact Scan (SIS) specifically for the Kenyan horticulture sector. The SIS offers a developed methodology for collecting and analysing the impact and drivers of social externalities. 

Benefits to the client

In its report, Impact Institute presented the results of the SIS of a Kenyan farm, including an analysis of the drivers of its social impact and recommendations on how to improve them.

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